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I’m Carrie Sechel, author of BASE Jump Finding Yourself in an Unfulfilling Professional World. Recognizing that you are at a turning point can be hard.

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Embrace Your Turning Point
Knowing that you are at a turning point is a great step!
Now it’s time to embrace it. 
Embracing a turning point can be really challenging… some turning points are very difficult and you may resist them. This is exactly why I created BASE Jump and BASE Jump Kit! BASE Jump and BASE Jump Kit guide you on a journey from resistance to thrill about what’s ahead. 
"BASE Jump is the book I was looking for a decade ago. The story connects with readers immediately. And the actionable steps Carrie provides, makes taking the jump with confidence and a higher success rate to achieve new dreams. After reading this book, you'll have zero excuses to creating a life and career you desire"

— Jen Kelchner, Forbes Leadership Coach & CEO, LDR21
There are 7 signs that you are at a turning point. 
 Knowing these signs will help you move forward with confidence that it’s time to enter a new and exciting phase. 

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Time for a Change Preview
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I help people who want to live full out – people just like you – gain the clarity, confidence, and tools you need to drive maximum value, make an impact, and live a life you love. This requires that you understand and embrace each of four phases that you will go through over and over again. 
Here are the four phases for your exciting journey ahead!
Gain the clarity you need to move forward with confidence instead of staying stuck with fear!
  • Learn about the 7 signs that you are a turning point
  •  Understand why you feel pulled to make a change
  •  Move forward with confidence and thrill for what’s ahead
Are you at a turning point…
a pivotal time of big change in your life? 
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