Learn how to stay open to change.
I’m Carrie Sechel, author of BASE Jump Finding Yourself in an Unfulfilling Professional World. Congratulations, you are living your dream! But, are you growing, moving forward, and open to a new turning point and change? 

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Expand Your Dream!
You are living the life you imagined and dreamed about… you are literally living your dream!
As great as living your dream feels, it’s not a destination. While living your dream, you’ll learn, grow, and master the life you are living. As you reach mastery a new turning point will start to emerge and you will be faced with change. 

Since the living your dream feels so great, it’s hard to leave. This is where you may plateau and stop reaching further. A new turning point starts to emerge and instead of embracing it, you may resist… and living your dream won’t feel nearly as awesome anymore…

This is exactly why I created BASE Jump and BASE Jump Kit! BASE Jump and BASE Jump Kit guide you on a journey from fear to thrill about what’s ahead. 
"BASE Jump offers a wonderfully insightful roadmap with impactful exercises that make the reader stop, engage and think. BASE Jump is for everyone - someone just starting out in their career/life, someone making a change, or as a periodic check in to make sure one’s actions align with one’s passions and true self!" 

— Christine Landoll
"This thought provoking read will challenge readers to leap to a path of no regrets! Carrie is a living example of how making it to the top of the corporate ladder does not equate to a fulfilling life. She really opened my eyes to the fact that success is not determined by a job title.  This book will help others identify their priorities and live their life with newfound purpose."
— Zach Rospert
If you’re rocking your life and feeling great about where you are at, enjoy it!
At the same time, it’s important to know that you will eventually reach a new turning point. There are 10 keys that will keep you open to your next turning point when it comes along. 

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Open to Your Next Change
Are you wondering what’s next?
I help people who want to live full out – people just like you – gain the clarity, confidence, and tools you need to drive maximum value, make an impact, and live a life you love. This requires that you understand and embrace each of four phases that you will go through over and over again.
Here are the four phases for your exciting journey ahead!
Find out how to stay open to change so you can rock your life instead of staying stuck at a place that’s just good enough!
  • Understand the 10 keys that keep you open to change
  •  Find out which areas are keeping you stuck
  •  Learn how to stay open to change and never get stuck again
Are you open to change? 
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