DISCOVER your most powerful attributes.
I’m Carrie Sechel, author of BASE Jump Finding Yourself in an Unfulfilling Professional World. You know that you are ready for change, but have more questions than answers! 

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Answers To Your Questions
You are entering a new phase and are moving forward instead of resisting. 

Take a moment to celebrate! You have separated yourself from the majority of people. You are not settling for a life that is good enough. You are ready to live full out. You are going to change the world and love life while you do!

Once the celebration ends, it’s time to get to work. The discovery phase is full of questions. Right now you may feel that you have more questions than answers! Many people get stuck in the discovery phase because they are unable to answer their questions and gain the clarity and confidence needed to chart a course forward.

To ensure you don’t get stuck, I created Power to Pivot, a 6-week program that guides you through the discovery and action phases. At the end of the program you will not only have clarity regarding you course forward, you will be taking action and entering the jump life phase!

Because Power to Pivot is designed around interactive discussions, focused action, and your individual needs, it is only offered several times a year.

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I know you’re eager to get started today. 

There are 3 key areas to explore as you begin the discovery phase. Exploring these 3 areas will provide powerful clarity about your most powerful attributes and a foundation for your discovery journey.
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Are you wondering what’s next?
I help people who want to live full out – people just like you – gain the clarity, confidence, and tools you need to drive maximum value, make an impact, and live a life you love. This requires that you understand and embrace each of four phases that you will go through over and over again. 
Here are the four phases for your exciting journey ahead!
Stop guessing! Find your most powerful attributes that drive maximum value, maximum impact, and maximum happiness!
  •  Learn the 3 areas that hold the keys to your superpowers
  •  Go on a discovery journey to your most powerful attributes
  •  Move forward with the clarity and confidence needed to live full out
Are you ready to find your most powerful attributes? 
Download this free guide to find them and start your journey to live full out… maximum value, maximum impact, and maximum happiness!

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